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Feeling Burnout While Working On Your Startup?

2016 10 04 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

What Should I Do When I Feel Burnout While Working On My Startup?

I’ve decided to update this answer because I honestly don’t believe burnout exists. There’s no such thing. It’s made up. (I’ll explain)

The thing you need to figure out first is if you’re just tired (fatigued) or if you’re burning out.


Common Marketing Mistakes People Make Starting Information Product Businesses

2016 10 03 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

What are the worst marketing mistakes you can make when starting an online information product business?

When it comes to marketing mistakes, not just in the information product business, I could write for days, so instead I”m going to focus on the most common – the few that I’ve made myself and have overcome.

Trying to do it all yourself, quickly followed by not doing your research.


Can I Be Sued For Scraping Craigslist?

2016 10 02 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

If I run a (very small) online business which involves scraping information from Craigslist, will legal action be taken against me?

This was straight up one of those legal questions I get asked every now and again, and to be honest, the answer is:

It depends.


What if Google Decides To Compete With Your Startup?

2016 10 01 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

What if Google Decides To Compete With Your Startup?

The fear of competition is something I’ve noticed a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners worry about. So, What if Google or some other giant tries to compete with your startup?

What would you do?


Would You Do It Just For The Money?

2016 09 30 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

Earlier this week, someone asked me an interesting question. They asked, “Would you go through with a startup idea just for the money?”

This is a question of motivation, at least to me.

I couldn’t help but reflect to a time when I started my business. I was certainly going through a rough time, and so were many of the business owners I know when they started their businesses.


Goal Setting: When Strategy Fails You

2016 09 29 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

Welcome to the mysterious art of goal setting, (episode #36 of the daily show).

Most people in business think that their problems are unique.

I hear it all the time. “You just don’t understand!” or “My situation is different than yours”.

The truth is though, that while we all have different experiences, the problem we, as humans have on a grand scale are all the same.


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