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13 Elements of a Successful Sales Message

2016 12 07 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

One of the best decisions of my life was to become a student of marketing and become a salesman, and today I want to share something powerful that I’ve recently learned from a friend and mentor, an 8-figure earner, Chris Record


Three Original Thoughts on Preparation and Purpose

2016 11 04 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

I had taken the year off to work on myself. Self improvement, mindset — that sort of thing.

During that time I developed a habit of thinking sessions. Moments where I’d just brainstorm for periods of time and discover what I could come up with that was new — original thoughts.

Here are three I came up with about preparation and purpose.


What’s The Biggest New Entrepreneur Mistake?

2016 11 03 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.” Morihei Ueshiba
If you are a new entrepreneur and you’re not having the success you hoped for, or things are going pretty slowly, here is some practical advice (from my own experience).


Hunting vs Farming: Two Ways To Build Your Business

2016 11 02 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

Did you know that there are two ways to build your business? One of them builds amazing residual income over time, and the other gets you paid TODAY.

Watch the video now to learn about the difference between the two, and how you can apply them in your business to help you reach your financial goals.


Two Mindsets To Go From Average To Exceptional In Your Business

2016 11 01 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

How did I go from getting average results to exceptional results in my business? It’s not strategy. Here are two mindsets that raised my level of operation to new heights in my first 21 day video blogging challenge.


Two Mindset Shifts That Produced HUGE Results In My Personal Business

2016 10 31 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

Two Mindset Shifts That Produced HUGE Results In My Personal Business
Since the 18th of this month (October), I’ve made some incredible leaps in my personal business inside the Empower Network. I’ve gone from having average results to having exceptional results and the questions are starting to come in.
Questions like, “What are you doing differently?”, or “What strategy are you using?”. I had one person straight up ask me, “What changed? You aren’t the same person you were a couple weeks ago.”


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